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Looking for front of stage barriers for your event or festival?

We provide Front of Stage (Sometimes known as Pit Barriers or Crowd Control Barrier) to events and festivals of all sizes across the UK- whether you need 5 metres of barrier for a small concert or 50 metres for a festival or stadium show we can deliver for you.


Front of stage barrier (Sometimes known as Pit Barrier or Crowd Control Barrier) is essential for the safe delivery of events. It provides a safe way of separating the audience from a specific area, usually a stage or performance area- we work with our clients to ensure your event is delivered safely for the audience, crew and performers.


All our Front of Stage Barrier is StageDex Front of Stage Barrier by PROLYTE and no more than 2 years old giving you full confidence in the barrier system

We are part of an experienced events team with over 20 years experience and can provide barriers 

24 hours a day

7 days per week

365 days of year


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Service Areas:

We provide pit barrier hire across the UK. We are based in South of Scotland so can easily cover any event in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Pit Barrier Hire

Tel: 01387 460493



Pit Barrier Hire is proudly part of Yellow Lab Events

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